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Nepathya mesmerize Nepalese in Tel Aviv

‘Working abroad is an opportunity to earn and learn as well. The knowledge and exposure you get from a developed foreign land needs to be brought back home, where your loved ones are waiting,’ called out Amrit Gurung the front man as Nepathya performed their debut show in Israel at The Ellen and Walworth Harbour Cultural and Youth Center in downtown Tel Aviv on 12th August 2011. ‘If you do not have a loved one back home then your rivers and mountains await you.’ He continued.

Nepathya experience in Tel Aviv was a mixture of joy, excitement, a bit of nostalgia and an opportunity to connect with memories back home for the Nepali community people living here. Many in numbers came with t-shirts with Nepali flags. Some even came with flags to wave. While Amrit sang Mero Desh, an unidentified fan surpassed the security and jumped on the stage to present the Nepali flag to Amrit.

Israel has been a safe and lucrative destination for migrant workers compared to it’s neighboring countries. The Nepali community here numbers to around 6,000 most of which are females working as domestic help and care givers to elders.

‘I did have expectation from Nepathya, but their delivery surpassed my expectation. This is probably the best of Nepali shows that I have experienced an organizer and as an audience,’ commented Yam Gurung of the organizing team.

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